Do Merv 13 Filters Help with Allergies?

These are truly the best air conditioning filters for allergies and asthma.


13 filters are the best home air filters we offer to households with allergies and respiratory sensitivities. These filters will help your family breathe easier. A MERV 13 air filter is one of the most effective filters on the market, trapping all typical air pollutants, including several others.

Smoke, smog, and even virus carriers can be filtered out by a MERV 13 filter. The Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) rating system established by the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) is used to measure the effectiveness of the filter in trapping particulates. A MERV 1 filter traps dust bunnies, but allows most dust to pass through it, while a MERV 16 traps bacteria and particles as small as 0.3 microns. If you don't have allergies, a MERV 7 oven filter will work perfectly in your home.

But if you have family members with allergies, upgrading to a MERV 11 rated filter is recommended. That will suffice as a good oven filter for allergies. MERV 13 is effective in controlling airborne bacteria, most tobacco smoke and contaminants released by sneezing, as well as dust, pollen, dust mites, and pet dander. It can also block most bacteria and virus-carrying particles so that the indoor air environment is kept clean of all normal pollutants and allergens.

We recommend this filter if someone in your household has lung problems or a weakened immune system that makes them susceptible to viruses and bacteria. But we also recommend it to anyone who wants the best residential air filter for bacteria and pollutants in the air. This makes MERV 13 air filters ideal for removing allergens and particulates that can trigger your health problems. Measuring and sizing your replacement air filter correctly is key to achieving maximum filtration in case of seasonal allergies.

My allergist recommended a good brand of mattress and pillow covers for my bed, and we have air filters in the attic, where there is dust, and on the ground floor. For the mini-pleat version with odour reduction technology, Filter King Titanium is the most efficient Filter King filter on the market. For the millions of homes with forced air HVAC systems, regular maintenance programs and the use of high-efficiency disposable filters seem to be the best options. For common household airborne particles, such as pet dander and mold spores, a MERV 13 air filter is a great choice for many homeowners.

Some manufacturers call their filters of a certain classification “allergic air filters” because they can capture common allergens in various micron sizes. While MERV 13 air filters cannot provide a completely sterile environment, no air filter can make them deliver the cleanest air quality for your home. PRAC with HEPA filters, especially those that filter the breathing area during sleep, seem to be beneficial.

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