What's a disadvantage of the highest merv rated filters?

In general, filters with higher merv ratings capture higher percentages of particulate matter as well as smaller particles. And MERV-13* is practically where you want to be. If your furnace's merv rating is too high, it can force it to work too hard and leave it vulnerable to damage. In addition, you may not get the air velocity needed to reach all parts of your house, leaving inconsistencies in temperature.

The short answer is that it can, but it's not really a problem except in extreme circumstances. Most modern HVAC systems have no problem working with higher merv filters, so millions of homeowners rely on them. The main risk of high-efficiency air filters comes from the fact that they are not modified for long periods of time. If you're aware of changing your filters, you're unlikely to experience filter-related issues with your HVAC system.

The higher the MERV, the smaller the particles removed and the more will be removed. Access to this page has been denied because we believe you are using automation tools to navigate the website. Buy wash an alcohol Buy wash an alcohol, you might very well be creating some weird, weird and funny chemicals, unless you're just washing cotton, so I would just use sunlight to disinfect them, even that might break the high Merv filters a little and release unintentional chemical outgassing, perhaps dangerous. Merv high activated carbon filter could be your best choice between you and any other exotic type chemical action you have going on.

Second, ASHRAE is now encouraging the switch to MERV-13 (ASHRAE Position Paper on Infectious Aerosols) as a measure to provide cleaner air in non-sanitary facilities. It is important to consider this, because many owners believe that the relationship is simply linear, that is, as filtration efficiency increases, so does the resistance to air flow at the same rate. I have three MERV-13 filters in my house and the pressure drop in all of them is less than 0.06 i. As for the need for high MERV filtering, it's easy to turn it off until you meet someone with allergies or asthma.

It turns out that sometimes, due to the unintended consequences of high MERV filters, the cure is worse than the problem. I just watched an FB video from AI I just saw an FB video of a British doctor who says that vacuum bags are NOT safe for masks, since they contain fiberglass, which is very bad for breathing (and worse when the bags have been cut to make inserts) YES, however, the MERV air filters are, as I am reading, made of polyester and cotton, should be safe. The goal of using a MERV 12 filter or higher is a better IAQ: cleaner, more breathable air for everyone, and especially for those with allergies, asthma, COPD, etc. In addition, most low-capacity air conditioners are not able to mount the static pressure required for high MERV filters, so CFI configurations with which they often require in-line booster fans.

I'm using a MerVi cape. I am using a layer of Merv 1900 3M Filtrete on my mask (I made the mask as a cover so I could remove the filter to wash it). Please note that as the MERV rating increases, the filter becomes more restrictive and it will take more pressure and energy to push air through it. However, if not, this information will answer “what is the MERV rating? What is the best MERV rating for my oven or air handler? and similar introductory questions.

As an HVAC professional with over 40 years, I have seen dozens of systems destroyed by the use of highly restrictive high MERV filters. Air filters that are merv 13 and above are recommended for those who prioritize air quality and may have to handle asthma, severe allergies and other similar circumstances. .

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